About the societies

About UAA

The UAA was founded in August 1990 in Fukuoka, Japan. Its main objective is to promote Urology in Asia and to improve the care of Urology patients in the region, which has 60% of the world’s population. Originally an association of individual members, it was restructured to become an association of member regions so as to achieve its goals in more cost effective ways. However, a decision has recently been taken to again initiate individual membership along with association memberships in order to promote a sense of belonging among the members.



History of UAA

The UAA was established in 1990 in Fukuoka, Japan and the Founder President was Prof. Joichi Kumazawa. The international members who signed the original documents were:

  • Dr. Chieh Ping Wu
  • Dr. Stephen Lim
  • Dr. Kwok-Kee Wong
  • Dr. Djoko Rahardjo
  • Dr. Young Kyoon Kim
  • Dr. Teong-Chang Tsai
  • Dr. Hussein Awang
  • Dr. David A. Abraham
  • Dr. Verasing Muangman

Our member associations include:

  1. Bangladesh Association of Urological Surgeons
  2. Cambodian Association of Urology
  3. Chinese Urological Association
  4. Emirates Urological Society
  5. Hong Kong Urological Association
  6. Indonesian Urological Association
  7. Iranian Urological Association
  8. Japanese Urological Association
  9. Korean Urological Association
  10. Macau Urological Society
  11. Malaysian Urological Association
  12. Myanmar Urological Association
  13. Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons
  14. Pakistan Association of Urological Surgeons
  15. Philippine Urological Association
  16. Singapore Urological Association
  17. Sri Lanka Association of Urological Surgeons
  18. Taiwan Urological Association
  19. Thai Urological Association
  20. Turkish Urological Association
  21. Urological Society of India
  22. Vietnam Urological Association
  23. Urological Association of Australia and New Zealand (Affiliated)

Visit the UAA website to learn more about the Urological Association of Asia and its member societies.


• To promote the interest in and a better understanding of Urology in Hong Kong;
• To provide a venue for discussion of problems related to Urology;
• To improve and set the standard of urological care in Hong Kong ;
• To provide a means of liaison with workers in Urology in other parts of the world;
• To advise and provide information on postgraduate urological training;
• To collect and disseminate information regarding members of the Association and information of any event or happening.
• To achieve the objectives, monthly council meeting is held to plan, organise, implement and review the activities of the Association.

Regular academic meetings, which include case presentations, topic discussions and talks by invited speakers, are held monthly. Renowned overseas speakers have been invited to deliver lectures on subjects of special interest. Seminars, workshops, education programmes and talks to the public, general practitioners and other associations have been organised to enhance communication with the community and other medical specialties.


HKUA will celebrate his 30th birthday during the 15th Urological Association of Asia Congress in Hong Kong and in this occasion they will organize the UAA Gala dinner to celebrate their Diamond Jubilee.