Summer Influenza

Dear UAA 2017 Participant,

The UAA 2017 LOC has been vigilantly observing the summer surge of influenza cases in Hong Kong.

Current data available from the Centre for Health Protection as at July 19th (please see graph below) indicate that the majority of the severe influenza cases are of the age group of 65 years or older.


From the historic plots, it appears that the current situation is more likely from one of usual surges rather than an unprecedented outbreak.

While personal, hand and environmental hygiene practices should be emphasized, there is no panic and very few people wear masks in public in Hong Kong.

As of today, no travel restrictions, warning or advice not to travel to Hong Kong have been issued by any official authority.

While it remains a fully personal choice to travel or not to Hong Kong, the UAA 2017 LOC would like to reassure the congress delegates by confirming that the congress will be taking place as planned and that it is overall safe to travel to Hong Kong.

The UAA 2017 LOC will keep the evolution of the summer influenza under close watch and shall give updated information through the UAA 2017 website () or the UAA 2017 mobile app should there be a significant change in the situation.